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FUSION can help you achieve goals in the following areas:

Weight Loss
Sport-Specific Training
Injury-Specific Training

Your personalized training sessions happen in a small gym using the latest equipment and without the crowds, distractions and socializing of larger gyms. If you wish, Will can come to your home gym and train you there, alone, with a workout partner or a small group. He can also create a customized “Boot Camp” for you and your friends and family. All training sessions are efficient. There is no room for wasted time.

Training sessions are affordable. Comparably speaking, Will Yund’s FUSION delivers more value than virtually any other personal trainer or gym membership.

  • 10 sessions $600 ($60 per session)
  • 20 sessions $1,100 ($55 per session)
  • 40 sessions $2,000 ($50 per session)

The Fusion Gym is conveniently located off Exit 12 of the Northway in Malta, NY