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The FUSION mission is to incorporate exercise, education and nutrition to transform your body, and ultimately, your life. Without all three components, your health and fitness program is destined to fail.


A customized exercise program is the foundation for every fitness goal. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or simply firm and tone, your program will get results.


Proper nutrition is critical to your success.  Based on your fitness goals, you will receive a nutrition plan that will both energize and support your exercise program.


Rest, recovery and lifestyle changes are all necessary if your fitness and nutrition plans are to succeed.  You will learn how to make your changes safely and wisely.


Here are testimonials from persons who have experienced the power of Will Yund’s FUSION:

“With Will’s weight training program and a healthy diet, I have lost over 100 pounds! FUSION is now my way of life! My birth certificate may say I’m 61 but I feel like I’m 40. My advice is to give up the junk food and work with Will.  You will be very happy with the results.”
– Susan T.

“I have been working with different trainers for more than 15 years but never the got results I was looking for. In just three months with Will, I have lost a stubborn 20 pounds, increased my muscle mass and I now feel and look better than I ever have. Bottom line: Will delivers!”
– Len P.

“After my injury in an auto accident, I didn’t know how or if I would ever be able to exercise again. Will worked with my physical therapist to design an exercise and nutrition program that has me feeling like I have a new lease on life.”
– Bill W.